Protection Methods Against Pregnancy

Kare Contraception with Care!

DKT has pioneered in activities that promote safe & affordable abortion. It offers a wide range of abortion & contraception options, which suits your need. The Kare basket includes oral contraceptive pills, injectable contraceptives, emergency contraceptive pill, medical abortion and intrauterine devices (IUDs). But, not to forget that these are non-OTC products, which means that you can avail of these products only at a doctor's prescription, as your doctor knows what's best for you. We aim to provide you high quality & hassle free contraception and abortion because, DKT Kare's for you!

Warning: Kare products are to be taken strictly under the guidance of a gynecologist.

Intrauterine Device

Intrauterine Contraceptive Device IUD The IUD category of Kare offers two types of IUDs; U shaped IUD, U Kare and T shaped IUD, Ezee load. The intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) is a birth control device to be inserted into the uterus.
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Medical Abortion

Medical Abortion Medical Abortion refers to a safe and effective method for terminating an early unwanted pregnancy (up to 9 weeks) through the use of a combination of drugs that are administered orally.
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Oral Contraceptive Pills

Oral Contraceptive Pills Oral Contraceptive Pills are a birth control method. When taken orally every day, these pills inhibit female fertility. The oral contraceptive pills category of Kare offers a wide range of products ...
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Emergency Contraceptive Pill

Emergency Contraceptive Pills EC-Kare is an emergency contraceptive pill for women to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Emergency contraception is a safe form of backup birth control, if your birth control fails...
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Injectable Contraceptive

Injectable Contraceptives for Women Depo-Kare is an injectable medicine for women that prevents pregnancy for a considerable period of time (upto 3 months). It contains hormones, which stop you ovulating and have other anti-conception effects.
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Prenatal supplements

Prenatal Supplements in India Prenatal supplements are meant to be taken during pregnancy, and sometimes during post-natal lactation. Although not intended to replace a healthy diet, prenatal supplements provide would-be...
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