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IIUDs. It’s advantages. Key points on their safety on the health. Woman’s health and reproductive health.

Safety of U-Kare products Intrauterine devices have been around since a long time. They are designed to be inserted in the woman’s vaginal cavity and is placed at the uterus. The placement and presence of this device impedes the progress of the male sperm in its quest to meet the female ovum or the egg in order to fertilize it.

Although the first IUD that hit the market, Dakron Shield was taken off the market after women complained of an increased instance of Pelvic inflammatory disease or the PID because of the aberrations the shield caused to the walls of the uterus of the women who used it. This further complicated the situation and caused painful bleeding in some women and also resulted in the deaths of many of the women who used it. Another reason for the device actually causing such fatalities was the fact that the thread used in the device was denser and helped bacteria to attach to the thread and cause more problems to the women.

However, the modern IUDs are designed to avoid all the problems that the Dakron Shield was decried for. These intra uterine devices are made of plastic and the filament that is used is of thin nylon that the bacteria cannot attach themselves to.

The electrolytic copper that is wound around the arms of the T is known to be fatal to sperms. It attacks the sperm and in turn the reaction forces the white blood cells to react to an inflammation caused which causes the white cells to attack the sperm taking them to be harmful organisms.

On the safety count, the IUD is the safest contraceptive that is available to the women. This is because of the fact that unlike the other contraceptives like contraceptive pills or the male and female condoms that can be purchased over the counter, an IUD can only be purchased with the help of a doctor’s prescription. This helps the woman to avoid unnecessary complications that could arise from some pre existing conditions like Wilson’s Syndrome which may give rise to either the body expelling the IUD or if unable to, then leading to excessive bleeding and other situations that can have an adverse effect on the body of the woman.