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Present birth control usage, public thinking, etc in India. Indian’s aversion/taboo toward abortion in public eye. IUDs helps to avoiding abortions and pregnancy termination.

Although India has been heralded as the member of the countries that have the most potential; to be the super powers in the near future, both in terms of economic potential as well as military power. And yet there are some aspects of life on the macro or the big picture level where there is a lot of things that have to be worked on and done over the coming days and months.

As far as birth control and contraception goes, the trend that is prevalent is that the Indian women were still relying on the decisions that were made by their husbands. It is this defensive approach that is being targeted and aimed at more empowerment of the women. It has been heartening to witness the changing stance of the society at large in context of women when it comes to various issues whether it pertains to the basic unit of family or the society at large too.

This calls for a large scale movement involving the masses which will help get the word across to not just the urban crowd, but also to the rural settings where women still live in conditions that are far from what one can imagine empowered societies can afford to their populace. One of the things that is ingrained in the minds, hearts and very souls of Indians is the feeling of taboo when it comes to abortions. It is this aversion to taboo that forces many women to give birth to unwanted children and then abandon them. This situation is more horrific than abortion. Hence, women should be encouraged to use the intrauterine device that can lend them more peace of mind as well as a sense of responsibility.

The IUD can thus be heralded as a boon to not just the woman but to all of mankind for reasons of health, wellness and also from the point of morality. After all, if a woman uses the intrauterine device, she can enjoy her moments of intimacy and also not be afraid to face her conscience since she doesn’t have to contend with the guilt of aborting a child. And last but not the least, the woman can be rest assured that she can return to her normal fertility once she decides to stop using it.