Articles » Effective methods to avoid unplanned pregnancy with U-Kare

Procreation is a beautiful thing. In fact, it is an universal phenomenon with all living beings, that of continuing their lineage and bloodline before they die. However, there are certain aspects that humans have not taken heed of and with the passage of time ultimately, have abused. This abuse of pleasure has left a heart burn sensation in the overall context of the earth and its overall depletion of the resources, whether renewable or non renewable that the earth has in store.

Over the years, civilization has progressed by leaps and bounds. However, the fabric of the institution of family and institution and sanctity of marriage has been stretched to the limit where it has almost collapsed in many parts of the world. There are recuperations which are a result of the direct fallout of this collapse. Some of the results that can be seen is youngsters experimenting with unprotected sex without realizing the consequences in the long run.

These actions have not only social effects with respect to the reputation of the female but also with reference to her health. Conversely, even when there is an undue pressure from the husband and the in laws with reference to gender bias, it takes an equal amount, if not more of the woman’s mental peace. With education in general and about intra uterine devices like UKare, there is a certainty of peace on the domestic front. Additionally, when women of the older generation mount additional pressure on the next, their husbands play an important part in keeping the peace since the use of IUD will have been discussed between the man and his wife.

Thirdly, it is common sense that every new life that is created puts that much more pressure on the limited resources that a family could have at their disposal. Herein lies the basic problem which is underlying in a society like India, where children are looked upon as divine gifts.

However, since it is common knowledge that every problem has a solution, we can conveniently assume that even this problem has a solution that needs to be taken charge of by the younger generation. This is possible because of the better education as well as media exposure to the problem and a better awareness of the science of this whole phenomenon of procreation.

U-Kare is a highly effective means of family planning can be seen as a possible solution for this whole problem of unplanned pregnancy. The U Kare brand of IUD is a reversible form of contraception that helps the couple to plan their family, which helps the couple to have a better rate of happiness and understanding between each other and a happy life together for a long time in to the future.