How birth control and IUDs work

It is said that conceiving a child is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman. In fact, it is an aspect that makes a family complete. However, in modern times there have been times when a couple may face hesitation when it comes to bringing a baby into this world...

IUD for a safe birth control option

IUDs. It’s advantages. Key points on their safety on the health. Woman’s health and reproductive health. Safety of U-Kare products..

IUDs, the whole picture

IUDs know-how. Stats from the world, India and DKT stats. Kare and success of U-Kare..

Effective methods to avoid unplanned pregnancy with U-Kare

Procreation is a beautiful thing. In fact, it is an universal phenomenon with all living beings, that of continuing their lineage and bloodline before they die. However, there are certain aspects that humans have not taken heed of and with the passage of time ultimately, have abused..

Birth control and Indians: U-Kare

Present birth control usage, public thinking, etc in India. Indian’s aversion/taboo toward abortion in public eye. IUDs helps to avoiding abortions and pregnancy termination.

Common questions about birth control explained by U-Kare

In a bid to control the ever expanding numbers of the births in the world, especially in countries that are either under developed or countries like India, which though is well on its way into the 21st century in many aspects still has areas where people are deeply entrenched in the thinking of the past so many centuries..

Hassle free IUDS for Indians

What is IUD? Statistics in world, comparing to India. Imp., clearing misconceptions. How it fits in the Indian scenario and an Indian couple (all ages and urban-rural divide)...

Advantages of IUD and shortcomings

Pros and cons of IUDs. Some stats. And why hasn’t been accepted yet so popularly..