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Pros and cons of IUDs. Some stats. And why hasn’t been accepted yet so popularly..

Whether it is a knife or a wire or even something as simple and docile as a pillow, there are always two sides to anything, although the saying is popular only with respect to coins. As you can use a knife to be portrayed as a means to being a vegetarian and use it to cut fruits and vegetables, the same knife can be used to stab a person and kill or fatally injure a person. This is true even in the case of a pillow which is normally used to rest after a hard day’s work, it can also be used to smother a person to death.

The intrauterine device is one such invention of man that has an enormous potential of achieving not just the main objective of birth control but also have a near zero possibility of its hindering the future enjoyment of sex as well as the overall health of a woman.

In addition, there are other advantages that the IUD has which can be enumerated as below:

Efficiency at birth control: The rate of the IUD, whether copper or the hormonal have the highest rate of efficiency. Both the models are known to be 99% effective when it comes to prevention of conception in a woman. This is a high enough rate when compared with other forms of birth control like the condom, either male or female or other forms of contraceptives like the patch or pills..

Immediate action: The copper IUD starts to function as soon as it is inserted. However, there are cases where the IUD could be expelled by the body. However, that is a rare case of 1/1000. Long lasting: The copper IUD can be left inside the body from a minimum of three years to a maximum period of ten years. It is this aspect of the contraceptive that renders it to be the best cost effective method of contraception available today.

No hindrance to sex: Contrary to popular belief, the inserted IUD rarely if ever makes it presence felt so much as to make the man uncomfortable.

Lactating mother friendly: Another common misconception revolved around the quality and quantity of milk that a lactating or breast feeding woman may experience. It has been proved beyond doubt that it is safe to be used by breast feeding mothers.

Fully reversible: Unlike vasectomy, the IUD is a birth control measure that can be easily reversed. Once it is removed, the fertility of the woman returns and she can carry a child unless she is nulliparous or has developed some complications along the way.

One of the first signs of discomfort could be the nature of menstrual periods. They could be heavier, longer or even more painful. However, this subsides with the passage of a few months.

A pre insertion and post insertion examination by a doctor or health worker will be necessary to determine if the IUD is suitable.

Since the IUD is just a birth control device and cannot prevent sexually transmitted disease, the woman may still have to use condoms to prevent contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

In light of the above, we can easily decipher that the IUD is one of the safest methods to use for birth control which defeats the critics by a handsome margin.