About DKT India

Delivering quality public health services in family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention in India is a challenge. Unplanned pregnancies, lack of birth spacing, and risky sexual behaviors endanger women and children’s health and place a severe financial burden on many families. In India, about 40 percent of the population uses birth control.

To complement the Indian government’s work in public health and family planning, DKT India was established in 1992. Since then DKT India has been moving ahead, following a self-sustaining approach that is focusing on operational efficiency and establishment of an effective distribution system.

DKT India began its operations in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Today, it operates in 18 of India’s 29 states and reaches approximately 600 million people (half of the country’s total population). Thirty percent of DKT India’s sales come from rural areas.

Most villages in India do not have pharmacies, and many villagers purchase necessities during weekly visits to the nearest market towns. DKT conducts special promotional activities in these towns and provides three brands of affordable condoms to over 80,000 retailers.

DKT’s sales representatives are a key element in this program. They not only drive sales and track products in stock, but they also listen carefully to their customers and provide DKT India with invaluable information for improving our sales and services.

DKT-India products include oral contraceptive pills, injectable contraceptives, emergency contraceptive pill, medical abortion kits and intrauterine devices (IUDs). DKT also trains local village leaders in reproductive health through one-day workshops.

In 2011, DKT’s program sold over 110 million condoms, over 11 million oral contraceptives, and over 105,000 IUDs throughout India. DKT also sold almost 300,000 medical abortion pills. This translates into 3,028,982 CYPs. .