Medical Abortion


A Kare Medical Abortion

Medical Abortion….safe, simple and effective!

Medical abortion refers to a safe and effective method for terminating an early unwanted pregnancy (up to 9 weeks) through the use of a combination of drugs that are administered orally. Medical abortion causes the pregnancy to terminate and then causes the uterus to expel the products of conception (up to 63 days). Many women perceive it to be more natural, less invasive, private and more under their control. A- Kare Medical abortion is high quality, cost-effective.

Composite: Combipack of 1 tablet of Miferpristone 200 mg and 4 tablets of Misoprostol 200 mcg

Warning: A Kare is to be used only under the supervision of gynaecologist


Manual Vacuum Aspiration MVA Kare

Surgical Abortion…. simple and fast!

Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) is safe and effective technology for termination of first trimester pregnancy (up to 12 weeks). MVA acts via vacuum evacuation of uterine contents through a cannula, attached to a hand-held vacuum syringe. The vacuum evacuates/extracts the contents of the uterus without damaging the lining of the uterus. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the procedure.

Indeed, MVA-Kare aspirators and cannulae are manufactured to conform to highest quality standards and are US FDA approved.

Warning: Abortion is to be used only under the supervision of gynaecologist and in hospital where back up facilities are available for blood transfusion and MTP.