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Our Story

Phil Harvey

Back in 1989, a man named Phil Harvey started DKT international, and wrote the first page of our story. From that humble start, we're proud to have become one of the most cost-effective family organisations in the world, providing products and services to couples at less than $2 per year.

DKT International was named in honor of D.K.(Deep) Tyagi. Mr. Tyagi was Assistant Commissioner of Family Planning in charge of public motivation and education aspects of India�s Family Planning Program and made a major contribution to his country�s family planning effort. His success in saturating the country with simple, attractive messages and designs (including the Red Triangle, which is now in use in several other countries) overcame age-old communication barriers and greatly increased public awareness of birth control.

Our headquarters expenses are less than 2% of the budget. We served more than 22 million couples in 2011. This represents some 6% of all contraceptive couples in the developing world, excluding China. DKT has received Charity Navigator�s coveted 4-star rating for financial performance, 6 years in a row.

In 2011 we sold more than 250 million condoms - enough to circle the earth 3 times and our programs have been successful in averting 7 million unwanted pregnancies, 1.4 million abortions and 12,000 maternal deaths in 2011.

Our Vision

To be an entrepreneurial and sustainable organization, with the means to help improve people's lives, and make a lasting impact

Our Mission

To make contraceptive and reproductive health information and safe products available and accessible to the population groups that need them through the mechanisms of social marketing and self-financing resources.

Our History

Phil Harvey first became interested in family planning in 1968 while working on emergency food relief for CARE International in India. In 1970, Phil Harvey and his UNC professor Tim Black founded the business Adam & Eve in order to finance their charitable activities and founded the non-profit health organization Population Services International that same year. DKT International, named for D.K. Tyagi, an early pioneer of family planning in India, was founded in 1989. Since then DKT has grown over the years and still continues to grow.


Founder of DKT

Our rich history began with our founder, Phil Harvey. Today, our talented force continues to build on his legacy, ensuring DKT�s prosperity for years to come.


Philip D. Harvey

Philip Harvey is the president of DKT International which he founded in 1989. He was co-founder (with Dr. Black) of Population Services International. Mr. Harvey has been championing the benefits of social marketing for over three decades. Earlier he served as deputy director of CARE�s program in India.

Executive Director, DKT India

Collin Dick

Collin Dick is the Executive Director of DKT, India, joining the team in Mumbai in January 2013. He is a globally experienced manager, with broad-based commercial experience in a number of different healthcare technologies (pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics), both in established and emerging markets. Collin has an undergraduate degree in Economics and graduate degrees in both Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation (MBA) and Law (JD) from the USA

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DKT's results and impact for 2014

Dear Friend of DKT:

I am pleased and proud to share DKT's results and impact for 2014.

Across 20 countries that contain more than 60% of the world's people, DKT provided 28.2 million couple years of protection in 2014 - our biggest year ever. This included the sale of more than 550 million condoms, 86 million oral contraceptives, 2.4 million IUDs, and 20.7 million injectable contraceptives. In addition, DKT sold more than 1.9 million abortion pill packs (mife/miso), 9.3 misoprostol pills, and 3.2 million emergency contraceptive packs.

Using the Marie Stopes International Impact Calculator (2015 version), we estimate that the provision of these products and services averted:

  • - 6.5 million pregnancies
  • - 3.6 million unsafe abortions
  • - 46,000 child deaths
  • - 12,000 maternal deaths

In addition, in a number of countries where we work, our role in contributing to overall contraceptive use rates is significant. The graph below shows the percentage of overall contraceptive prevalence is being provided by DKT products and services. In Ghana, for example, DKT now contributes around 43% of all contraceptive prevalence.

You can find more details (including a country by country breakdown) on these results here and we are always pleased to field questions.

These results place DKT among the ranks of the largest private providers of family planning in the developing world.

Thank you for your support of DKT International.
Christopher Purdy

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